Trees Grow in the Strangest of Places

Ever grow a garden or have a flowerbed.  When you plant all the seeds or plants, you expect to have beautiful plants and flowers.  Sometimes you get thorns, weeds, and trees among the plants.  Sure everybody talks about the wees and the thorns; but what about the trees.

How did they get there?  A tree just doesn’t fall into the fall into a flowerbed or a garden.  It usually is carried or planted there unless the seedling falls from the tree onto your flowerbed.  Why am I talking about trees and gardens.

If a tree is allowed to grow in your flowerbed, it takes over the flowerbed.  Sure it may take years to takeover the flowerbed or garden; but, eventually it will.  It becomes a distraction from the flowers and the plants.  Don’t allow life to become a distraction by allowing things that don’t belong in your life to grow unchecked where the roots  can’t be cut out.

The only way I know to get rid of a tree that doesn’t belong is to cut out the roots and dig it up. Same as life.  Sometimes you have to dig your way out of the stuff that keeps you from living the life that God created you for.

So life a hope filled life.