Balloons of Hope

Balloons are magical.  There are square, round, and heart shaped balloons.  Balloon can be shaped into animals. Balloon bring joy to small child when it shaped like an animal or just by watching it soar into the air.

Sometimes the balloon that soar into the air have messages within the balloon to return the balloon to a specific address  I was reading one story out of East Tennessee.  Children, abandoned or orphaned, were invited to attend a special vacation bible school.  One of the events during that week was for the children released balloons with messages of hope of adoption.

As you watch balloons soar into the sky, you wonder where will that balloon land.  Will it land a few miles away or will it land hundreds or thousands of miles away?  Will it land at all?  This particular balloon was found in Maryland and mailed back to the foster parents. The foster parents were in the process and have become these girls adoptive parents–just in time for Christmas.  Hope came true for one East Tennessee family this Christmas.

The thing about hope is that is available for everyone not just a select few.  So what balloon in your life do you need to release to find hope?  Release your dreams in a balloon  and watch it soar off into the far reaches of the sky.