Walking a Mile

It’s tough walking a mile in the winter time; but image walking a mile in the snow and/or ice.  Some people have the endurance to walk in the sub freezing temperatures in shorts.  I saw a mail man from Hendersonville KY delivering mail in his gray post office shorts.

One thing or another, you have to admit that he probably makes his day go by faster since he is wearing shorts.  Is that the key to endurance and hope by  committing to a determination to overcome a challenge in life.

Several years ago, I read an article about an executive in Chicago who lived about six blocks from office.  His secret to endurance of not getting sick was that he did not wear a coat on his way to work?  Why you might ask?  He said he had determine that when he wore a coat, he got hot and cold.  He would end up getting sick.  He said that after he quit wearing a coat to work in the wintertime, he was no longer getting sick.

He had overcome an obstacle and his body had adapted to him not wearing a coat between home and work.  Am I saying not to wear a coat in the wintertime.    No, but rather I am focusing on the fact that if you want to accomplish something that your are hopeful for you, you have to make changes in life.

Once you take the first step, you’re on your way which builds hope.  Will there be failures and setbacks along the way?  Yes, but you can’t let your past define your future.

Hope and dreams start today.  What is holding you back?  What do you think will be your greatest challenge?    In the end, your greatest challenge won’t be what you think it is today.  Why?  Simply because you have thought through your greatest challenge already.