Pick a card.  Any card.  Now don’t show me the card.  These are words of illusionists.

So you pick a card and then they say show the audience but don’t show me the card.  Some will ask you to put the card back into the deck while others will ask you to put it under foot.

If you think about it.  Is is all about mind games.  The mind is a very powerful thing.  Have you thought about processes it goes through each second to keep your body living 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? It is all energy.

Energy itself is a very powerful thing.  There are days when we don’t have energy and other days when we do have energy.    When we don’t have the energy, we are dragging and don’t want to do anything.  Time slows down and drags on to.  It’s almost like the day is never going to end.  Eventually it does.

So like the illusionist, each morning or before we go to bed each night, we need to come up at least one thing positive about tomorrow or today.  Are you breathing.  If so, that is a good thing because you still have the ability to make a difference is your’s or someone else’s reality

So get up tomorrow and thing of one positive thing about tomorrow which will be today.  I will start it with the weekend is almost here tomorrow.   What about Monday you may be thinking?  I’ll leave that to you.

In the meantime, make a difference in your or someone’s else reality by fueling their hope.