Facing the Choice

Moments.  They happen everyday.  We can’t stop them.  They define us and makes us who we are.

Some are good and some are bad.  it’s those moments that we face.  Do we face the moment or do we not?  It gets back to choices.

Do we make the right choice?  That’s the tough part?  Is there a right choice when we are trying to make a choice. Unfortunately, we never know the right choice until after we have made a choice.

Sometimes we ask others to help us make thee choice. Sometimes other people come to us to ask us to help them make choice.  Do we always give them the best advice to help them make a choice? It’s what we would do in their situation.  Do they always follow our advice?

No.  But it is another step in helping to make a choice.

So face the choice.  There are no bad choices.  Only opportunities. Opportunities of hope.