QuestionsDoubt.  It is a powerful Word. It can control us. It can Make us not believe  that something can be accomplished.

When you get down to the basics of doubt, it is fear.

It is fear of the unknown. But what is the unknown? The unknown is simply not knowing the future.

To us the future hasn’t been written nor can we see it until it is in the past. Then it is only the that we can look back and see the future that happened.

Sometimes, it is what we expected.  Other times, it is not what we expected.  Expectations determine how we feel about the future.

Expectations become emotions and then our emotions begin to build anxiety.  Anxiety towards the future is never good if it gets out of control. Doubt and anxiety isn’t good together.

Doubt isn’t a good thing but it is part of not knowing what the future holds in store for us.  Don’t let your doubts become anxiety where you lose control.
Remain hopeful that just because you can’t see the future doesn’t mean that God doesn’t know what the future holds in store for us.