CardsGrowing up, I enjoyed building houses of cards.  Especially the two stories ones.  It takes patience.

If you’ve never done it, it’s all about taking your time and patience.k  What happens if you breathe too hard or your arm hits the cards.  You have to  start over.

I have seen the people who set up hundreds and thousands of Dominoes.  It’s the same concept. One bad move and you have to start over.

It is like that in life.  You know where you want to go with your goals.  You may have written it down on what you want to accomplish in life and when you want to accomplish it.

Do you rush your goals?  Do you have a mentor to help you achieve your goals?  Maybe they are a coach?  It could be someone you trust.

It takes time.  It take dedication.  It takes not knocking over the dominoes or your house of cards.

Most of all, it takes not knocking over the house of cards too soon and knowing where your goal.