The Patience of Hope

PatienceI  ended the podcast after twelve episodes this years to refocus on what I thought the podcast was about and whether I was headed in the right direction.  In fact, I have been sporadically writing posts since June.

Since I ended the podcast, I have lost my job where I was working and I am finding it tough like many of you to say that hope can exist on days when I am looking for a new career, dropping off resumes, and waiting for the call that never comes.   It is what some call “The Hope That You Need to Come; but doesn’t because it isn’t part of God’s timing.   There are other variables within my family that has been affecting me for several years while I  try to cling to hope.

I would have to be honest and say that for the past several months that my soul has grown tired but yet my brain tells me to cling to hope.  Unfortunately, the hope that I long for can’t be in the physical world.  It can only be found in the spiritual world.  A world that seems to be so far away at the moment but yet I find my soul longing for it every minute of every day.

That’s the truth about hope.  It can’t be seen but yet it exists beyond this moment. This second that just ticked by can’t be recovered.  It has become an experience in my past.

Hope exists with faith.  Without faith, we are doomed to wander.  I can say “I have faith”.  But the truth is, we can say we have faith and deep inside we know that our faith is like a candle flickering in the wind under the burden of our life that we feel weighing down on us.

People around you will tell you they are praying for you.  As they walk away, we wonder will they remember to pray for us throughout the day.  Can we believe their words? Words have a way of filling the gaps for which we have no other words to tell them at the moment.  So to the people who need to hear those words “I’ll pray for you and your family”, the words become hollow and empty.  Just like the white flowers of the dandelions floating on the wind.

Still other people will try to comfort you by saying that they went through hard times.  They try to compare their hardship to current storm when no two storms are alike.  There storm and your storm may have wind, rain, hail, waves, lighting, and the boat is beginning to fill up; but, the  truth is “It’s not the same storm”.  It is your storm and you don’t see Jesus in the boat with you. He hasn’t shown up yet.  Why?

Because it’s not God timing.  That’s what everyone around tells you.  You wonder when He’s going to show up.  Will He even show up?  You even shout “Why aren’t you showing up?  I need You”. But still nothing.  Why.

Again, you’re told that “It’s not God timing”.   You’re then told to have faith.  Have hope.  So you wait some more.  You keep asking yourself  “How long should you wait?”.  As long as it takes is what you’re told.  How long is that?

Is it this afternoon?  Tomorrow?  Next week?  Next year?  How long?

You’re told be patience.  It’s another way of saying “It has to be God’s timing”.

You want to scream “I am patience”; but it’s running out.

Thus hope.   It can’t be define by time.  It can only be defined by faith.  The faith of waiting for the hope that is coming at some future time in God’s time. God is on eternal time. So I wait with patience for the hope of tomorrow through faith.