One Word

SunIt’s interesting when you think about it that words are powerful influences in people lives.  People live by words.  The words they say and the words they don’t say.

Encouragement can come from words just the same as disappointment can.

Imagine if God hadn’t spoken “Let there be”.  I know it’s three words.  If God hadn’t spoken those three words, would there be light, darkness, days, months, years, animals, plants, people, and you? Everything in the universe was created with the word “Let”.

“Let” is a powerful word.  I am reminded watching Star Trek Next Generation episodes that it is another way of saying “Make it so”.  Making it so can be tough.  Either it happens or it doesn’t   There are steps you need to take to make things happen.  Otherwise, it doesn’t happen and you are where you’ve always been.

Tough words I know.  Stepping back is the first thing that has to happen.

If you don’t step back to see the big picture of what you want to happen then most of the time all you can see is the storm raging around you.  It can be blinding and disappointing as you try to overcome where you don’t want to be.

Recently, I have taken a back road to get to the main highways when I came upon four deer in my path.  Two of the deer crossed  over into a side field.  The other two started down the road in front of me and on the side but they wouldn’t move out of the way.  One deer finally went through an opening in the fence along the side of the road.  The last deer was looking for a way off the road and turned to move to off the road only to find a fence in its’ way.

It was only after about another third of a mile that that I was able to drive up the road without the fear of a deer colliding into my car.  I also had an incident of a cow on the same road that wouldn’t move out of the way several months ago.

I guess what I’m saying is “If we rush and hurry our lives when say “Let”, then are we creating more problems?  If I hadn’t let the deer get out of the way, would I have had car damage.  I don’t know.  Life happens unexpectedly.   With the cow, it turned unexpected and started walking towards my vehicle.

It’s not easy waiting when you’re starting something new or life is happening.  So step back to see what you have to work with before you start making changes to happen with the word “Let”.  Sometimes like God we have to start with nothing before we can get to where we want to go.  What you are going to do with the word “Let”?

Just make sure there is a “there” behind the “Let”. Here’s to new beginnings.