At the end of every December, people begin making plans to make the next year a better year than the previous year.  People want to read the Bible, lose weight, eat healthy, quit smoking, quit drinking, and more.

Resolution 3So January 1 comes and they begin the journey to conquer their resolution.

Some people drop their resolutions within hours and days.  Others hang on to their resolution for months only to drop out.

Experts call it will-power.  Do you have the will-power?

We all have the will-power; but, the question is do we have the determination to make a difference.

When we change, we also change the people around us.

It’s the effect our lives have on others.

It’s the butterfly effect.  When the butterfly flaps it’s wings to fly, the air is is displaced.  Although it seems small, the effect nevertheless is there.

We make a difference. The difference may be small and then again it may be large.  It’s like the difference of God.

God was resolute when He spoke the world into existence.  Then it stepped back and said that it good.

Sure we can have a bad influence on someone’s life.  However, we should strive to have a positive influence on other people’s lives.  It should be our daily goal.  Whether it’s a kind word, a smile.  Make a difference.

Be resolute next year, next week, or tomorrow. Make a positive difference.