BalloonsFor the past two weeks, I have been out of town doing some work.  I am currently sitting at McDonald’s this morning as I write.

I have gotten out of bed for the past two weeks at would normally be 3:30 Nashville time.   Why?

Simply to start the day.,  Back in Nashville, I had a difficult time getting motivated to get up at 3:30 in the morning.   I am finding it easier to get up to write and start my day simply because something is out of the ordinary.

I had no intention of really leaving Nashville but I had to.  Sometimes, we have to do things simply because there are non options out there.

I had been looking for work in Nashville since July when the last job I took ended after eight months.

Now, I’m out of state working or as I put it “Trying to survive.”

In life, we sometimes do things that we don’t necessary want to do.  But what good is it, if nothing is getting accomplished when it comes to our dreams and passions.   If we’re not following God’s will, then we aren’t where we’re supposed to be.

It’s a difficult concept to understand but it’s true.  We can remain where we are and be miserable or we do see God has planned for us.   Perhaps, it will bring happiness and good fortune.

I may complain about my current situation where I’m at; but, I can’t complain about what God is done in my life.  Can you?

So, as I sit here at McDonald’s looking off to the east, I can see the sunrise and wonder what God has planned for me today, tomorrow, this week, or this year.