Pursuing Hope

Pursuing HopeI have indicated people never surprise me. It seems as asa society that we have become less tolerate of even the smallest things. Sitting in traffic, people will honk their horn if you don’t immediately go. It’s not like you can put your foot on the gas and immediately go when you are driving a five speed. Personally, I have driven a five speed for the past twenty years. It takes coordination and patience especially when you are learning to drive a five speed transmission.

People have grown accustomed to life being instant. No longer do we have to be home to take a phone call. We now have our phone on our hip, in our pocket, or in purse. We can get email and surf the internet with our cell phone. Life is instant.

We even expect hope to instant. We want life to happen now and we’re just not willing to wait for it. Perhaps, we don’t want to wait for it. There is a difference you know between waiting and wanting it now. It seems simple; but, it’s not. It never is.

We are always looking for a short cut. Sometimes, shortcuts causes more problems than if we hadn’t taken a short cut.

I know for me if I jump into something to make it happen faster than what God intended, it usually causes more problems then if I hadn’t taken the shortcut. Hope is the same way.

We all are born with hope. But, are we willing to wait for the hope that God intended or are we searching for something else besides hope. Are we searching for instant gratification? The opposite of hope is hopelessness. When we believe that hope isn’t going to happen, we look for alternatives because we are not born to accept hopelessness.. Hopelessness is a dark and strange world in which God is not present in which we feel alone and adrift.

Hope is like dreams in which we should always be pursuing. Most people never achieve their dreams and aspirations the first time they attempt to reach them. Sometimes, it takes failure and many retries to accomplish our hopes and dreams. A person who gives up will never reach their dreams and aspirations.

How are we going to accomplish what we are hopeful for?

Are we willing to give up on hope? If so, why?

Companies will sometime spend millions and billions of dollars trying to find the perfect formula for a product. Sometimes, they succeed and sometimes they go back and brainstorm a different approach to what they are trying to accomplish.

Perhaps, we need took at hope from a different perspective. What if what we’re trying to do isn’t working; but, perhaps trying a different and alternative method will work. That’s what hope is. It’s not giving up. It’s believing. It’s faith.

Hope is never giving. We have to pursue it. Sometimes, we just need to look at hope from a different angle. Sometimes we need to try something new to fuel our hope. But most important, we should trust and faith in God.

After all, God brought hope into the world through his Son Jesus Christ.