Skipping Rocks and Hope

Skipping RocksI remember growing up and going to the creeks where I grew up in Kentucky.

It was back before you had to worry about water pollution. We would often go wading in the water. Sometimes, we would try to catch the little minnows swimming in the water. Other times, we would pick up a stone to see how far we could skip it across the water.

Skipping a rock across the water is a learned skill. The goal is to see how many times you can get the rock to skip across the water before it sinks. It’s about technique.

Too many times in life, we try to find out how far we can get before we sink. In other words, how long could it take for our walls that we  built around us to crumble into dust exposing the world to our deepest fears or secrets.

For some of us, we cram so much into our lives, both good and bad, that if we opened the our closet door where we have it hidden, it would plummet out onto the floor.

Unfortunately for many of us, the scene I just created is all to often true. What’s left from building up the stuff in our life is the stress that can destroy marriages and lives. Sure, it starts out simple. It’s like moving into a new house.

It starts off small. Life is simple After several years, the stuff we accumulate in our lives and our homes is more than we thought we had accumulated. Especially, if we decide to move into another house. For most of our lives, we don’t downsize our lives. But instead, we up size our lives to add more stuff.

We have to have a bugger house to move all the stuff we have accumulated in our lives up to this point and all the stuff we are going to accumulate in the future.

Our lives are like that. We accumulate and allow junk into our lives that shouldn’t be there. Once the junk is there in our lives, it isn’t easy to get rid of it without thinking about starting over.

Like stuff we accumulate in our lives, we sometimes have to toss out the stiff that we don’t need anymore. Otherwise, we keep accumulating stuff.

So, let go and toss the stuff you don’t need in your life. Find the hope that awaits you. A new life calls you. Find hope through others.