Hope Isn’t Luck

Good luckToss a coin in the air and it will land either on heads or tails. Sometimes the coin lands on it’s side up against something.

We start football games with tossing a coin and setting ties. Some people would call it luck like people who win the lottery.

But, life isn’t about luck. Nor, is hope. It’s about living life through hope and faith.

Is faith luck? Faith is about knowing and believing without seeing. So, faith hasn’t nothing to do about luck since it’s about knowing without seeing. Faith like hope. Hope is about believing as well.

Luck isn’t faith either. It takes more than just luck to have faith. And, it takes more than luck to have hope. Some people believe that hope is luck. It’s like wishing for something when you blow out the candles on a cake, wishing on a falling star, or pulling the turkey wishbone at Thanksgiving.

Growing up, my step-dad enjoyed pulling the turkey wishbone at Thanksgiving. It was all part of a tradition that you had to make a wish as you pulled the turkey bone.

In life, sometimes we get what we wish for and other times we don’t. Is making a wish luck? Some people would say that it is luck and other people would say it not’s luck. I happened to believe the later.

I believe that we are here for a purpose. What that purpose is I don’t know; but, I do know that God has given each of us gifts to use. What those gifts are you will have to discover for yourself. Not everyone has the same gift.

I mean what fun would that be if we all had the same gift. It would be boring. It would be like watching everyone performing the same act without any modifications. Life would be boring. Perhaps that’s why life is exciting. Life has nothing to do about luck but sometimes consequences are involved in the outcome of our decisions.

Sometimes, we make decisions believing the outcome on another decision isn’t going to happen. I have done this believing that something isn’t going to happen but then it does happen. Like most people I want to jump up and down and celebrate thinking it was all me.

But, it’s not about me or my accomplishments. It’s about the opportunities that God has provided and the knowledge that He has given me to achieve these accomplishments for His purpose. God’s accomplishments isn’t about luck, it is about surrendering your life to him and allowing Him to work through you for the greater good of bringing hope through faith.