Choose Hope…Choose Your Moon

moonMaking decisions in life isn’t always easy.  However, choosing hope is.

I suppose that I’ve said that life isn’t always probably more than I should have but it’s true.    Life doesn’t come with a owner’s manual.  Life is lived by making decisions and living with the choices we make.    Sure, it sounds easy.  But, in reality it’s not.   People make decisions where they want to go to school, who they want to marry, have children, and where they live all the time.

Sometimes, our dreams are cut short by other people who have their own agenda.  It’s those decisions that has us choosing other decisions that affects our lives.  At the end of the day though one thing remains and that is hope.

Without hope, as I’ve said before, that is nothing else   Hope keeps our dreams alive.   Hope allows us to see tomorrow when there doesn’t seem to be a tomorrow.  For most people, we get up and re-live the same day over and over again like Bill Murray’s weatherman character in “Groundhog day”.    In the movie the main character realizes that in order to live a different path and a different day, he has to do things different.

In life, we have to do things different.  In order for not to live the same day over and over, we have to make the decision that tomorrow will be different.   The outcome may not be different; but, it is a start to a new life.   Whether, it’s getting up earlier in the morning and working out for the first time or just doing something totally different that is out of our character, it can be done.  You just have to make decision that it will be different.

For centuries, man looked at the stars and the moon and dreamed of going there.  Of course, we couldn’t go to the stars and the moon until we had the technology; but, men still dreamed of one day reaching the stars.  Then, it happened when we had rockets and the technology.   We went to the moon and reached the starts.  Our hope to one day reach the moon had been realized.

It was the most watched program when Neil Armstrong stepped down from the ship that carried him and onto the moon.  It was possible.  Now, anything was possible.  We just had to believe.

Whatever your dreams to reach your moon and starts, it can be done.  You have to just believe that with God anything is possible.   You just have to have hope.  More importantly, you must have faith to believe.