Hope’s Other Question?

QuestionsI have spent the past few weekends with my son. I do believe that he has enjoyed spending the time with his dad.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the NAMM convention at the Nashville Convention Center. While my son is grown and is currently attending community college, one thing he really enjoys I is his music and his music instruments which is why we attended NAMM together..

He’s always asking me to listening to a new power chord or riff that he has been practicing on. My son also enjoys his heavy metal cd collection. He likes the notes, power chords, riffs, and the originality of the music. For him, other music sounds bland and the same. He says today’s music has no creativity.

A couple of months ago, someone took some of today’s country songs and put them today. He then sped up the tempo on some of them and you know what happened next. The songs all sound the same. Same rhythm. Same beat. Almost the same words. What was six distinct became one huge song that had no originality from six different country artists.

Is that bad? Not necessary. They call it the formula in Nashville. Change the length of the note and the rhythm and behold you have a new song.

So you might be asking “what does this have to do with hope”?

Some of us have the same message tweaked just a little bit. But overall, the message is the same. There is no originality and no creativity. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. It’s okay to be different. Different is good.

Sure being different can add challenges but people like different. Believe me, it eating the same food item every day for several months can get out. Our souls cry out to be different.

So be different. Let your message of hope be your own. However, let your message be one of hope. Hope changes the world. Hope changes people. Most importantly, people crave hope.

So, what was hope’s other question?  The simple answer is be different but offer hope.