Thanksgiving with Hope

ThanksgivingThe fourth Thursday of November always brings back memories for me. Growing up in Kentucky, my family spent Thanksgiving at the grandparent’s house and farm. There was always turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, among the food choices. Then, there were the desserts—cherry delight, vanilla and chocolate pudding pies.

My grandparents have since moved on from this earthly realm. However, if I close my eyes I can still smell the Thanksgivings of those years gone by.

Life is about memories in celebrations. While I would love that life is all roses, it isn’t. So, I can tell you that life will always be full of good memories because I can’t.

Sure, I would like to say that all my memories were good. But, like some people the truth is that there were a few bad memories that I would like to forget like when my grandfather had a heart attack on Thanksgiving. It is those good memories that get me through the rough parts of life.

We all have stories that we can share whether it’s about Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other holidays. Some of those memories will make us laugh. Other memories will make us cry.

It is easy to be thankful one day a year. It is even harder to be thankful everyday.

I often wonder if Thanksgiving gets us thinking about what we are thankful for. Whether, it’s the air we breathe to the friends and family that we have. Sometimes, family is the hardest to get alone with especially during the holidays and other family events.

However in the end, family is all that we have left other than God. It is that hope that somehow our lives will be reconciled. But, the truth is too often it is not reconciled. There are challenges out there where people list what they are thankful. It may seem easy at first. The trust is it gets hard after a few days.

So, the challenge is this. Be thankful for everything. Still easier said then done. With Thanksgiving are chances for forgiveness and starting life anew. So take a chance and give God thanks for everything you have and who you are.

Hope begins with knowing that you are thankful for all that awaits you because of where you have come from or currently at in life.