Hope Challenge 2016

Know I am GodIn the next few weeks, I will begin writing a hope challenge.

It is after all a new year and a new opportunity for adventures.  Especially, when it comes to God and Fueling Hope.

It may be tough for me some days especially for the first ten to fifteen days of the year to write but I am going to do my best.   Doing our best is all we can do or hope for.

But, if you follow Christ and trust, there is more then to hope for or all we can do.

Anything is possible and all things are possible if you turn your life and put your trust in God to let God take you where you need to go.

That is the adventure.  It is the hope that lives can be changed through connecting not only with each other but connecting to God to make a difference.  Not only in our lives; but making a difference in someone else’s live.