So, where off to this year.

It’s a question that I have had to ask lately.   It certainly has been a crazy the last two weeks after a deer totaled my car.   It wasn’t something that I was expecting.  Of course, many things in life are unexpected.  It’s how we deal with it.

Sometimes, we can move on.  Other times, we can’t.

It’s not that we don’t want to.  It’s just seems that we can’t let go for one reason or another.

Holding on to the past doesn’t allow us to move forward.  It only allows us to remain in a place that we don’t always want to be.  For some people, it takes years to get over the past.

I know for me that having to look for a car was definitely not in plans this year.  I just had paid off my 2011 Ford Fiesta last year and was not expecting it to be less than half then what I paid for.

I decided that if I was going to get another vehicle I was going to pay cash from the insurance proceeds.

Sounds easy enough.  It’s not always the case.  Temptation was waiting for me.  For the first few car dealerships that I looked at, I left with the thought of “You have to be kidding me.”.

However, my faith and God came through.  I found a used vehicle.  My second in many years.

In life, I have learned that you have to move on.  Believe that anything is possible and that God’s plan is always better than your plan.

So, what’s holding you hostage in your past?

What do you need to do to move beyond the past?

Once you answer, these two questions, you are on your way to living life.

Have hope and faith.