Finding Hope

So, where do you find hope?

It never left you but you forgot where you left it and the last time you had hope.

Hope isn’t luck.   It isn’t chance.  It not like you can put a coin in a machine and get it in a twelve ounce can of hope like a soft drink.  Nor, is hope a package that you can order online.

It’s within you.  It takes faith.  It takes belief that it is possible.

Sometimes, it takes work and effort to happen.

Eventually, it will happen.

If you don’t have belief, then what is the use in having faith.  Without faith, can there be hope?

Hope exists with faith.  It take faith for  hope to exist and love.  As Paul wrote, out of the three love is the greatest.

It’s that moment when you meet someone that you realize that you want to spend your life with them.  So, you pursue them and you hope they pursue you with love.  Together, you have faith that tomorrow will be filled with love.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen.  Often, we are left with more question than answers about faith, hope, and love.

But, we must not allow love to be the type of love that only exists with empty words and hope to never be.  We need relationships not only with each other; but, also with God.   Love is about relationships.  Hope is about believing the impossible.  Faith is about knowing the impossible.  Together, Love, Hope, and Faith make up the believe that the impossible is possible with God.