Building Hope

Life is about living.   However, most people don’t live life to the fullest.   Instead, they live life inside a box that they’ve built around them.  They never venture beyond the outlines that they drawn because of fear.

Fear is an amazing emotion.   Not only can fear paralyze us.

Often fear comes from the unknown.   We don’t know what live has to offer tomorrow, next week, or the next fifteen.  It’s like worrying.   But, with fear, we sometimes make the instinct to make the jump for something that may not happen.   That’s the difference between fear and faith.

Faith offers hope while fear offers hopelessness.  Fear can sometimes lead to anger.  Anger leads to destruction and division between people.   In other words, hopelessness.

But hope is a great thing.  Hope unites.   Hope builds.  Hope reunites. Hope offers new beginning.

I can’t tell you how to receive hope.  I can only tell that you must have faith.   Hope is Christ.   The Bible tells us that the hope of the world is Christ.   It is faith that leads us to Christ.

By faith, we believe in things that we can’t see nor know.   But, we know it is promised.

So, where do we begin?   We begin with faith.