Living with Hope

School BusIt’s that time of year when school starts back.   I have noticed the children waiting for the bus to pick them up at 6:00 in the morning,

The other day, I got behind a school bus at almost 5:30 in the evening dropping children off from school.  As the bus was making it’s way, my mind thought back to my school days.   However, I don’t ever remember getting on the bus at 6 in the morning and getting off the bus after 5 in the evening.

It’s surprising to see children running out of the house at 6 in the morning carrying their shoes in the hands.   I thought there are days I am having a bad day; but, I have never ran out of my house carrying shoes.

We go and went to school to get an education in hopes that one day in society we would make a difference in pursing our dreams and goals.

It’s not always the case but we do make choices in life that affects our life later on.  Those moments we can’t change.  But, we can forget and leave the past in the past so that we can have a better future.

The past doesn’t always define who we currently are.   It only tells us who we were at one time with the choices we made.

So, follow your dreams.  Don’t let the past define who you are.   Live for hope.  Live life.  Live with hope.

If God can choose to forget, we can too.