brokenOne can never say that you’re fully mended but one can leave the past in the past.

Wounded hearts are the hardest to mend.   Words like daggers can destroy relationships whether it’s marriages, families, or friendships.

Sometimes, it seems that nether party is willing to step in to make first contact between the parties involved which only aggravates  the situation.  We often think as the person that has been hurt, that the other person(s) should be the first to make the first move to ask for forgiveness.

I remember once many years ago my brother and I had an argument.   Several years later I mentioned something about but he said that he didn’t remember it.

Time allows us to move on with our lives and often we forget the pain within.  This is mended.   We are often too busy with our lives chasing the life that we’ve chosen that we don’t always have time to remember the hurts in our live unless we decide to keep the past alive by allowing the anger to continue to build within us.

I look at broken and hurts hearts with a reminder from God that grace is a wonderful things.   It’s by His grace that we are given forgiveness.    Forgiveness from our past and grace of what is still left to come.

It’s time to live life without being broken.

Isn’t it time to mend your broken heart and soul?   Isn’t it to time move on and find hope?