Hope Isn’t Being Miserable

It’s fall. The mornings are a little crisper as the leaves are beginning to change from a crisp green to the colors of yellow, orange, and red. It can only mean on thing. Winter is around the corner.

SunLike most people, I love the different seasons. The rebirth of spring, the warmth of summer, the coolness of fall, and the painted wonderland of winter.

Individuals have their seasons as well. As people go through their seasons in live, they tend to get struck in a season. It can happen for different reasons. It can also happen in the same day.

One moment they’re happy. The next they are cold as the winter breeze.

I known people that are joyful and celebrate life every second of every day. I have also known people who are miserable and feel struck in a endless loop. These people when they come into contact with the joyful people are like “What’s up with you? Aren’t you suppose to be miserable as well.”

The worst part is that they try to make the joyful people miserable like themselves

So which are you? On a scale from one to five where five is joyful and one is miserable, which one are you?

If one to two, why are you miserable? Life is too short too be miserable?

If four to five, what’s your secret? A smile goes a long way and so does hope