Hope 365 Through Your Actions

I stopped today at a convenience storMt Everest Peake to purchase some gasoline. Yesterday was Christmas.  Unlike most people, I do not purchase the gasoline at the pump.  Instead, I normally go into the station.   It’s not that I could purchase gasoline at the pay-at-the pump.   It’s just that I do like having a gasoline company or a bank placing holds on my bank account by using pre-authorizing.  Additionally, I have read and seen stories where scammers place skimmers on the gasoline pumps.
As I walked up to the doors of the station, I noticed the sign that read “Please be patience.  Our workers are doing the best they can.  Merry Christmas.”   This lead to a question as I approached the counter.
The question was “Was it busy since normally most businesses are closed during Christmas”.  The cashiers answer was “It was beyond busy”.   Then she said the following.
“The people that had just left church and came there after church was the worst.  They were rude and not very nice in their comments.”  Then she added “They weren’t very Christian like.
I felt the need to apologize for this so-called Christians.  You know the ones that gives the Christians a bad name and reputation.  Christ, himself, ran into this problem in his day.
Last week, I sit down for lunch with the one of the local pastors in the area and had lunch.  As our conversation turned to ministry and outreach, my Speak Hope 365
podcast and this Fuel Hope 365 came up.
For you see, it’s more about actions and what you do then it is about what you say do and who you say you are.  It’s also about where God is going and if you want to be part of where God’s going.  It’s not about where you want to take God.  If you don’t want to go where God is going, then God will choose someone else to take with Him.
 As 2016 comes to an end, think about where you’ve been in 2016 and whether you made a difference in 2017.
Be encouraging, have faith, and be filled with hope.  It’s going to be a new year and a hope for new opportunities.  Use your words and your actions to fuel and speak hope to bring encouragement through your actions.