Move on with Hope

I heard today there was a conference where secret spies were getting together at a resort.   My question is “If you attend, are you still a secret spy?”   How do you keep your identity from being known at a “Secret Spy Conference”?   There has to be an answer; but, maybe there isn’t.
This brought up another question this weekend.  “What is your story?”    How did you to where you are currently?   Where did you come from as individual?
For me, life hasn’t always been easy.  There have been setbacks and push backs.  Some of them have been because of decisions that I made; others have not.   But for me, it is about over coming the challenges of life that are placed before.  For some people, they handle the challenges well.   For others, they do not.
Getting from point A to point B isn’t always a straight line.  Nor, is overcoming the challenges we face.
In order to face challenges, we need to realize that who we are today isn’t necessary who we are tomorrow.  Unless of course, we decide that we like being the person we are today and where we are in lie.   It’s hard to believe that otherwise.  But, it is true.
It’s not easy the challenges that life throws at us.   It’s easier to remain in the past then it is to move forward and live or the future.  Before we can live in the future, we must let the past go.   It’s sounds easy.  But of course, it isn’t easy.
We get struck there trying to figure out how we got there in the first instead of focusing on “How we are going to get of here”.   “When are going to get out of here?”   It’s okay to grieve; but, realize at some point we need to move on with our lives because there is a big world waiting out there to be explored.
So, move on. Believe that you can do it.  Anything is possible where hope lives.