When it comes to the unexpected, life can definitely can happen.

Never take anything for granted. Always live life to the fullest. Live this day as through it was your last.

We’ve all heard those sayings. Life is precious and we only have a limited amount of life to live. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So, make it count.

I was listening to an entrepreneur podcast and I was reminded that in life, we have to take chances. We have to take a leap of faith sometime believing that what seems impossible can be possible. However to get to the possible, we have to take that first step.

Sometimes, it’s a leap. Sometimes, it’s a baby step. However, whether it’s a leap or a baby step, it is still a step to get us going in the direction of our goal(s) that we want to achieve.

My daughter, her mom, and her grandmother recently went skydiving for the first times in their lives. Leaping and baby steps are like stepping out of an airplane sometimes. You must believe that you can do this. Or better yet, you can achieve this.

So, take that baby step or taking that leap of faith without having to jump out of an airplane and believe that you can reach whatever goal you want to reach. But more importantly, step out in hope and faith.