Bigger Than Us

The Great Eclipse of 2017.   It has been highly anticipated for months.  Maybe even years.   

Some people were excited while other people were not.   But, it arrived.   As thousands of people found a spot across that eclipse line that stretched from Oregon to South Carolina, it seemed to be moment of unity where the sun, moon, and the earth lined up for approximately two and half minutes.

Unity, a word that is seldom used or thought of in today’s political and economic climate. The battle lines are drawn each day as each side takes up its position.  Some people like myself have grown tired of the political climate. It’s like watching children fight.   But of course, we have always been fighting and agruing since the beginning of the time.

Agruing over land, fighting over ideas, agruing over posessions, agruing over money.  If you name it, there has been probably been an agrument whatever you name.

For a breif moment yesterday, we came together to stare at the heavens that were beautifully created. We were in untity as stood staring up at the heavens that God created and the awesome power of God as the moon blocked out the sun for a brief two minutes.   The heavens declared the name of God above all names.  

Have you ever wondered why the universe and you were created for this moment this place in time.   God thought of you before the world knew there was a you.   People see the heavens and are now beginning to understand just how big the universe; but, yet we can’t seem to figure out how big our God is.   

God is bigger than the universe.   The creator of the universe wants to let know that we were created for a purpose.  The universe will go on long after we are long gone.   

Many times, we think our purpose in life is one purpose only to find out that our purpose was something else.  Some of us don’t want a purpose.  We live our lives believing that our live doesn’t have a purpose.   But, we all have a purpose.  WE are a tiny spec standing on a planet looking up at the universe asking do we have a purpose.   

Of course, the answer is “Yes”.  The universe would not be the same without you at this moment at this time on this particular day. 

To look up at the stars at night and image the possbilities of other planets, moons, and suns is in one word – awesome.  Our possibilities are as unlimited as the limits that we place on ourselves.  

Life is bigger than the we are.  It is bigger than all the universe that declares God’s name.   It is by faith that we live.   It is by faith that we walk.  It is by faith that we believe.  It is by the grace that we live each day that God plan is bigger than anything we could ever image.

So, live faith and live life.  But more important, live hope.