The Possibilities

Have you ever thought “Hey, I could do that.” or “I wished I had thought of that”.
Why isn’t it “I can do.” It is possible.   Possibilities are possible.
There is one requirement.   You’ve actually got to try to make it happen.  Without trying, it’s never going to happen.   So, the question becomes “Why aren’t you doing it?”.
Usually, the answers are “I don’t know how” or “I don’t have the time” or “I can’t do this.”  “Why not” is my response.
I’ve had people complaining that they can’t find work or they have a disability that keeps them from working.   Working is a subjective word.   Especially in today’s marketplace.   The internet changed all that.
I see people on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms but yet they tell me they can’t work because of their disability.  I know Entrepreneurs who make their living off the internet.
They either sell a physical item or use their knowledge, skills, and experience to make a living.  When I say
they are earning a living, I’m not talking about that they are barely getting by.  I’m talking six or seven digits.
Of course, there are those that are barely getting by selling on the internet.  Usually, these entrepreneurs are in the early stages for their business.
Then, there are others who are just using the internet to supplement their income.
So, getting back to my original question “Why aren’t you doing it?”.
Possibilities are possible and no one else is going to do it for you.  Only you can pursue your dream.
So, take that chance.  You never know where new adventures take you or what God has in store for you unless you are willing to have faith to understand that who you are today is not who you could be tomorrow.
It is hope that often gets us through the today for the tomorrow.  So, make the statement “ I would have never known where God took me on this journey if I hadn’t taken the change.”